ICYMI: More Than 96,000 Nevadans Enroll In Health Plans During Open Enrollment

CARSON CITY, Nev. – In case you missed it, KTVN News (CBS-Reno, NV) reports that 96,379 Nevadans enrolled in a health insurance plan through Nevada Health Link during this year’s open enrollment period – the latest example of how Nevada’s current health care system continues to expand access to affordable, high-quality health coverage and care.

This year’s enrollment is the second-highest total since the Nevada Health Link began operating in 2019 – just five percent behind last year’s record of 101,409. Additional highlights from the enrollment period include:

  • This year’s open enrollment period offered consumers a record-high 163 individual plan options.
  • 18,117 enrollees were not previously enrolled in coverage through the exchange.
  • 31,719 upgraded or changed their existing coverage in the program.
  • 86 percent of enrollees received some amount of financial assistance due to the extension of advanced premium tax credits provided by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
  • 40 percent of enrollees had a net premium of $100 or less.

While some politicians continue to push for creating an unaffordable, new state-government controlled health insurance system, known as the “state government option” or the “Nevada option,” these strong enrollment figures underscore and prove why policymakers should instead focus on building on and improving what is already working to get more Nevadans insured.

Nevada’s open enrollment data came just weeks after POLITICO Pro reported that public options in states such as Colorado, Nevada and Washington are not “working out as hoped” and that the public option in Nevada “is projected to make only a small dent in the state’s uninsured rate.” 

Nevada doesn’t need to start over by creating an unaffordable, new state-government controlled health insurance system. Our current health care system is already providing more Nevadans access to affordable coverage choices and high-quality care.

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